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A ceremonial, kind and mindful handpoke tattoo studio in Malmö ✨

The tattoo artist is me, Sofia, an illustrator & visual artist who gets inspired by Mama Nature, magic, wonder and peoples' stories, as well as ancient and indigenous ways of tattooing.


You are welcome to drop into my studio to discuss any tattoo ideas you might have, or email your ideas to
I describe the procedure of booking in my stories:


I have no set opening hours, so if you don't find me in the studio, please send me an email.

We share space with the showroom of the fashion designer brand Mèlue on Trelleborgsgatan 20, close to Nobeltorget in Malmö. 


To book a tattoo appointment.
I ask for a booking fee of 500 SEK.

The tattoo price depend on size and complexity, so when I know what you want and how big you want it, I can tell you a price – usually somewhere between 2000–6000 SEK.
I accept swish,
 card and cash.


Handpoked tattoos take longer to make than machine-made ones, and therefore the tattoos I make are usually small–medium sized (see the pictures and you'll get the idea).

I use vegan inks made by Kuro Sumi.

After getting tattooed, you need to stay away from lakes, seas, saunas and swimming pools for 7–10 days. 

💌 For any questions, please email me at or pop by the studio.

🌟 For tattoo client testimonials, please check the Clients tab on this website and my studio's reviews on Google Maps.

💬 Q&A 💭

Q: What is handpoke?

A: It's tattooing without a machine. I hold a tattoo needle in my hand, dip it in ink and create the tattoo dotwork-style, by penetrating the skin dot by dot to about 1 mm depth (the middle skin layer).

It's a calm and quiet process that allows for talking, resting and music because there's no buzzing machine sound.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes, since I follow the guidelines set by the Swedish hygiene authorities (Miljöförvaltningen) which has inspected and approved he studio. I use the same kind of equipment as would someone who tattoos with a machine – sterile needles, tattoo ink etc. If you have any questions around equipment, hygiene, or whether a specific health condition is compatible with tattooing, you're welcome to ask.

Q: Is it painful?

A: It feels like being bit by a tiny mosquito a million times. It is slightly more annoying than painful, but after a while the skin numbs out. It is generally less painful than machine tattooing. Still, some places on the body are more pain sensitive than others (like the ribs), and people have different levels of pain tolerance as well. 

Q: What is ceremonial tattooing?

A: It becomes a ceremony because of the intention carried behind it. I see tattooing as something sacred – we're permanently putting a mark on the skin, the only skin you're given in this life, and I get a person's trust to do that. That's grand. It's a process where a person's inner reality becomes visible on the outside, and I feel honored to be a part of that process. The level of ritual/ceremony in a tattoo session depends on the client's interest, and it is something that we cocreate if the willingness is there. Let me know if you have any wishes for this.

Q: What do you mean by Den Heliga Gralen (The Holy Grail)?

A: The holy grail is a metaphor for the womb, which symbolizes creativity and life force. Our connection to nature, earth, soil, the elements, the holy, the mystery, and the wisdom of our own bodies. 

   I bring this into my tattoo sessions, which tend to become like long, calm meditation sessions. Before I start to poke, I bless the person's tattoo, infusing it with my best wishes for the their path. Sometimes I sing to people while tattooing. Sometimes they fall asleep.


The three photos furthest on top of this page are taken by Cim Ek.

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