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In September 2021, I am opening a ceremonial handpoke tattoo studio in Malmö, Sweden!✨

The studio is called Den Heliga Gralen and shares space with the antique store Kittens & Kiwi on Osbygatan 4, close to Nobeltorget. 

Den Heliga Gralen will be open by appointment.


The process of coming up with a tattoo design varies. Sometimes people know exactly what they want, and sometimes they know the feeling and the meaning but not the image, or somewhere in between. All of this works for me – we can discuss and sketch together if you need that.

In tattooing, I get inspired by Mama Nature, magic, wonder and peoples' stories. Before I start to poke, I pray for the person's tattoo, infusing it with inspiration and uplifting vibes. Sometimes I sing to them while tattooing. Sometimes they fall asleep.

💌 For bookings and questions, please email me at


Prices depend on size and complexity, so when I know what you want and how big you want it, I can tell you a price. Probably somewhere between 1500–5000 SEK, but it depends on what you want. I take swish and cash.

Handpoked tattoos take longer to make than machine-made ones, and therefore the tattoos I make are usually quite small. I can make bigger ones too though, it just takes time.

I only use black ink – it is called Lining black and is made by Eternal Ink. It has four ingredients: distilled water, vegan charcoal, alcohol and witch hazel extract.

After getting tattooed, you need to stay away from lakes, seas, saunas and swimming pools for 7–10 days. 

There's more of Den Heliga Gralen at


And there's more of the lovely antique store Kittens & Kiwi at


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💬 Q&A 💭

Q: What is handpoke?

A: It's tattooing without a machine. I hold a tattoo needle in my hand, dip it in ink and create the tattoo dotwork-style, dot by dot.

It's a calm and quiet process that allows for talking, resting and music because there's no buzzing machine sound. I use the same kind of sterile equipment as would someone who tattoos with a machine – sterile needles, tattoo ink etc – and I practice the same hygiene standards. The studio is approved by the Swedish hygiene authorities (Miljöförvaltningen).

Q: Is it painful?

A: Despite popular belief, handpoke is way less painful than machine tattooing. I believe this is because there's way less pokes-per-minute than with a machine. Later in the process when I go over the same line for the fifth time, it can feel painful but on the other hand, at that stage the skin tends to be used to it and numb out. Some places on the body are generally more painful (like the ribs), and people have different levels of pain tolerance as well. Handpoked tattoos tend to heal faster than machine made ones since the skin gets less traumatized thanks to the slow pace.

Q: Why only black ink?

A: To minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. Some colored inks run a greater risk of provoking allergy, and as far as I know, black ink is the safest ink in this sense.

Q: What is ceremonial tattooing?

A: It becomes a ceremony because of the intention carried behind it. I see tattooing as a quite sacred thing, where a person's inner and invisible reality becomes visible on the skin, and I feel honored to be a part of that process. I use prayer, herbs (as in smudge), music and overall intention to create a ceremonial, soulful space.  

Q: What do you mean by Den Heliga Gralen (The Holy Grail)?

A: To me, 'the holy grail' is a metaphor for the womb, which I see as a center for creativity and life force. As such, it's also about the human inherent connection to nature, earth, soil, the elements, the holy, the mystery, and our own bodies.