👾 UPDATE: Cancelled due to Covid-19 👾

But stay put for a studio popping up in Malmö!

- - -

In June 2020, I am opening a ceremonial handpoke tattoo studio at the course center of Ängsbacka, Sweden!


It will be open June–August every summer.

In tattooing, I get inspired by Mama Nature, magic, wonder and peoples' stories. Me and the tattooee generally come up with an image together, based on their preferences. Before I start to poke, I pray for the person's tattoo, infusing it with inspiration and uplifting vibes. Sometimes I sing to them while tattooing. Sometimes they fall asleep.

💌 For bookings, please email your idea, approximate size and placement to

or come find me in my studio this summer.



I can tell you a price once I know the size and complexity of the image. We will work out a sketch (unless you already have one ready) and find a date.


In order to secure your appointment, I ask for a 500 SEK deposit that will be refunded when you come to get your tattoo.

I only use black ink – it is called Lining black and is made by Eternal Ink.

Handpoked tattoos take longer to make than machine-made ones, and therefore the tattoos I make are usually quite small. No sleeves :-)

Please be aware that you need to keep the tattooed body part away from lakes, seas, saunas and swimming pools for 2–3 weeks after getting tattooed. You will need to get gauze pads and Bepanthen at the pharmacy prior to getting tattooed, that you will use for taking care of the fresh tattoo.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me using the email address above.

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