My final project in Forsbergs school of graphic design: a political Monopoly (in the shape of a poster and wallpainting) telling my own story in Stockholm's housing market.


On this board, I changed the regular Monopoly Stockholm streets for the addresses where I lived in Stockholm during the course of a few years. I lived on all the addresses displayed on this board, around 20 different ones. I moved so often because I rented other peoples' apartments, and usually the contracts were just a few months long. 

I was inspired to create this personal-perspective Monopoly as a way of dealing with my frustration with the rules of the housing market game in the city, which were like the law of the jungle.


I won Grafiska Företagens Förbund's award for best final project among design schools in Stockholm in 2010.

And I still have posters left! Email me if you are interested in buying one. Size 50x70cm.

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